10 Reasons To Choose A Private Villa For Your Algarve Holiday

Algarve Luxury Villa Rental

A private villa is the ultimate place to stay if you’re planning a luxury getaway. From privacy to amenities, villas have everything you need for a great holiday — which is why we specialise in offering the best Algarve villa rentals.


1. They’re perfect for romantic retreats

Algarve Luxury Villa Rental

The Algarve is one of Europe’s top destinations for couples, thanks to its stunning mix of sunshine, sea, shopping, and sensational food. So whether you’re planning a proposal or celebrating your honeymoon, a private villa is the perfect place for a truly intimate romantic stay.

2. You can split the cost across your group

Algarve Luxury Villa Rental

While private villas can seem a little expensive, they’re often built for large groups — so if you split the cost across your group, it can actually be more cost-effective than a hotel. This gorgeous 4-bedroom villa easily accommodates 8 adults, and at £1,389 per week, you could pay as little as £174 for a week’s accommodation, or £348 per couple.>

3. They have private pools and hot tubs

Algarve Luxury Villa Rental

Most Algarve villas have private pools and hot tubs, giving you a calmer, more hygienic place to take a dip — a big factor to consider in these health-conscious times. From infinity pools to jacuzzis, check out these villas with private pools that are available to hire now.

4. You can tailor your holiday to your needs

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Luxury villas often include a range of personalised services that you can use to get the most from your trip. Whether you want a trusted childcare service or a private chef to prepare delicious local cuisine, book a villa with an Algarve luxury holiday specialist and see how to make your holiday your own.

5. Do whatever you want, whenever you want to

Best restaurants in the Algarve Golden triangle

While resort holidays are also fantastic fun, staying in a villa means you can do whatever you want at any time of day. You’re not restricted by dining room hours or pool closure times. Fancy a midnight dip? The pool is all yours. Want to sip cocktails until the early hours? The bar never closes.

6. They offer unparalleled privacy

Best restaurants in the Algarve Golden triangle

Unlike resorts and apartments, where you’ll often share the dining room, gym, and pool with other guests, you’ll have your private villa all to yourself. We offer a whole range of villas with exceptional privacy in our collection, so if discretion is important to you, this is the best place to start your vacation home hunt.

7. They include everything you need

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Villas come with all the amenities you need — from sunloungers to WiFi to air conditioning. Just pack a toothbrush and some clothes, and you’ll find everything else ready for you. And if there’s anything missing from your ULH villa, contact us and we’ll do our best to assist.

8. You can treat it as a home away from home

Best restaurants in the Algarve Golden triangle

Staying in a villa makes you feel truly at home — just with extra sunshine and stunning views. You can cook, play games, lounge by the pool, or watch a movie in your very own private home cinema. With so much space to relax in, you might never want to leave.

9. It’s good for social distancing

Best restaurants in the Algarve Golden triangle

When you’re on holiday, catching Covid is the last thing you want. When you stay in a villa, you can social distance from people outside your group more easily, giving you peace of mind when it comes to your health and safety.

10. They’re great for groups

Best restaurants in the Algarve Golden triangle

From family holidays to golfing groups, villas offer the ideal base for your group. People can choose how they spend each day, whether it’s lounging by the pool, hitting the beach, or heading out on a day trip. That means each person can have their own ideal vacation, thanks to the flexibility and comfort offered by a private villa. Check out the best Algarve villas for large groups.

Find your ideal Algarve villa with Unique Luxury Holidays

Staying in a private villa is the best way to experience the Algarve. Take a look at all our Algarve villa rentals and find your perfect base.